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We are an entrepreneurial real estate firm with a deep investment history. The individuals on our team have invested throughout the peaks and troughs of economic and property market cycles over 20+ years in the business. And in that time we’ve earned our reputation one client at a time, one partner at a time.


At Pronet Engineering we look at every angle of an investment. We rely on our unique combination of entrepreneurial energy and institutional experience to understand potential, manage risk, and create value for our clients.

We leverage our experience and relationships to uncover opportunities across markets and property sectors. This flexibility and reach are critical in an asset class that has become increasingly dynamic.

Our experience allows us to recognize an attractive mispricing of risk, and our people enable us to capitalize on it. This ability to access, understand, and execute is a distinct advantage for our funds.

Our relationships with experienced and capable operating partners are critical to sourcing opportunities and executing value-creation strategies. For further information about our investment criteria and how we may partner together, please contact us.